CFO Service

Charted course is the concept of being proactive.  Our services chart the course to improved profits, cash flows and business value.

As with any charted course, constant assessment of progress and adaptation to new variables improve opportunity and outcome. We strive for continuous improvement. Initiating and following directive metrics enable better decision to improve profits and business value.

Financial and Operational Reporting

We develop and provide financial statements and operating reports to present the quality of earnings and the level of financial fitness.  Our reports examine trends and pertinent ratios related to profitability, liquidity and operating effectiveness.

Financial Planning and Analysis

With the financial reporting baseline established, we take a deeper dive to identify operating and investing activities where profits are made or lost. Our modeling provides opportunities to improve profits and pinpoint operating risk.


Private Equity Readiness

We assist private equity portfolio CFOs to establish and execute the post-acquisition transition to how private equity operates and their reporting requirements..

We provide a framework to develop exit strategies for private companies, based on becoming attractive to private equity. We utilize our BVSCORE framework to guide companies to increased value that attracts investors.


Next Steps…

We will examine your company’s charted financial direction for the key components of accounting^analysis^action to prioritize how you benefit from accounting and finance to enhance your competitive advantage.

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