Our Approach

Charted Course Advisors advises clients on profitability, capital structure, operational, and merger-acquisition matters.

We complement clients’ teams as an outsourced Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and as Senior Advisors, applying finance and operations management strategies, across a variety of industries, to create value and attract capital.

Solutions Provided

  • Improve clients’ quality of earnings by refining financial and operating practices that focus on owners’, investors’, and financiers’ requirement to create value
  • Develop key performance indicators (KPIs) to align behavior with investment objectives
  • Provide CFO level leadership to prepare companies to sell, with post-transaction support for ESOP, private company, and private equity fund portfolio companies
  • Develop and employ working capital management programs to optimize the capital structure (long-term vs. short term needs, financial leverage to optimize return on invested capital)
  • Assess corporate accounting and finance functions, providing the roadmap and guidance to effectively function in GAAP financial accounting, operational accounting and financial planning and analysis


Next Steps...

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